CHALLENGE: The restaurant chain with six locations needs better organizational solutions as they currently receive over 100 job applications, donation requests and employee requests daily to their email address.


SOLUTION: An easily accessible, mobile-friendly website with fillable job application forms, donation requests and a staff hub. This will save time for both, managers and employees.


MY RESPONSIBILITIES: UX Research, ideating, wireframing, prototyping, UI design and web development. 


As a team, we conducted some interviews with the users, we made many notes and it helped us identify the main pain points: 
  • managers are too busy to look through and filter one by one job applications – many do not qualify.
  • employees have to wait/find the manager to pick up the forms that they might need.
  • when a person comes with a donation request, the staff has to find a manager and only the manager can talk to that person. Then the manager has to take the request to the President of the company.


I started working on some wireframing ideas, then presented them to the team and we made some small changes.

Digital Wireframe

Low-fi prototype



This website will solve 3 major pain points for the business:
  • Job Applications – based on our research, we created specialized forms which are connected to FormAssembly,  all applicants can be filtered within minutes.
  • Employee Hub – now all employees and managers can access and submit important paperwork at any time of the day.
  • Donation requests – the form can be filled out online and once submitted it will reach directly the right person.